David Ogalde, troubadour musician, is gifted with a singular sensitivity on his Indian harp from Paraguay whose versatile expression is very much appreciated by the public. Born in Ovalle, northern Chili, in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains where his mother, Elba, discovered in his early years his natural gift for music. For a reason known by herself alone, she pushed him to learn playing the harp. From there out sprouts the artist who, increasingly needed more space for learning, experiencing and feeling.

For years he walked around the world. From now on, the musician and the pilgrim became inseparable. Wherever he goes, he assimilates, he encounters men and women, cultures, languages… and a city: Montréal, where he met his harp professor Eralio Gill who for few years showed him all the tricks and secrets of the Paraguayan harp.

With years, David became not only a sensitive, perfectionist and faithful interpreter, but also an original composer of musical pieces which express his personal vision of the life, of his beliefs… and of the music itself, without which his life would have been a nonsense.

Settled down in Québec since the early 80’s, he turned Montréal and then Québec City into his adopted home and into the international crossroads of his harp without borders. The versatility of his interpretations linked with his musical expression, his greatest talent, allow us to discover the arpeggios of a classical piece or the soft and original rhythm of a western theme, including international popular music or Latin American folklore.


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